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Mick McCarthy hoping Wolves can repeat Manchester United trick against ArsenalEstablish to repeat? Mick McCarthy would like nothing better than three points against Arsenal photo: GETTY IMAGES

“Twenty weekends a season will feel like s-!” Because we have beaten. “It’s the reality.” McCarthy re-defines the bluff from the floor. Bluff is simply too nuanced description of the reduced that the Irish born in Barnsley sees football and its task of trying to keep the wolves Premier League relegation trap.

Wolves come to the Emirates to deal with a team: Arsenal – and a manager – Arsene Wenger – McCarthy has not always seen eye to eye with.

Did not expect the same ‘hug’ and praise from Wenger as he received Sir Alex Ferguson Molineux should win another unlikely three points. “If it emerges victorious, I don’t care what I get,” McCarthy said, not disappoint with this response.

Questioning of the integrity of McCarthy, Wenger was when he sent a team weakened against United last season and there was the furor over Karl Henry in Tomas Rosický tackle with this campaign, wolves crying foul over Cesc Fabregas of Stephen Ward challenge. It could be spicy and we hope that not spiteful.

There are no lost love – although there is an Arsenal Football admiration and support of Jack Wilshere talent call.

“It is an excellent player”, McCarthy said the midfielder 19 years. “He would be out of place if it was, and played Spain with all other than can be played as well, he is simply fantastic.” “He is potentially a world star without a doubt.”

But this is in regards to McCarthy goes. If it is an understanding broader audience is then “would have to ask my scout Dave Baldwin about young players with potential, not me.”

McCarthy is concerned with right now, what is the here and now and beating Arsenal. “We have to keep it (the ball) when do, which is what we should do,” said.

“If we keep giving back, then, you keep coming back with bells and whistles therein.” And bells in alarm. No McCarthy feels Arsenal are invulnerable.

“If there was a way to get them by anyone, would then be top of the League,” said. “There is a way to get around the world, whatever that is, i.e., is that we try to use”.

Insisted, it is not over-physical. Understandably still bridles at flak wolves received by two games – against Fulham and Newcastle United when we collected a total of 13 reserves and a red – card before this season.

“The two sets of nonsense have defined us,” said dirty team label. “Never get that comment from anyone.” They say we played good football, but nobody ever said we are destructive, team because we are not. We work hard, it is not a dirty word, I have no problem with the fight.

“But I don’t want anyone gibs on my computer when my team address.” That is all of us, we compete, we are dealing with. “I have to accept the way of playing the game will be tackles and challenges.”

It has been a curious campaign for wolves. Rich in promise and money spent last summer – including £ 6. purchase of 5 m Steven Fletcher – Squadron has asymmetric appearance sometimes and exceeded in winger Matt Jarvis.

They have suffered the syndrome of second-season maize. However, how can a team beat United, Chelsea and Manchester City at home – and Liverpool away – and still sit in the last three with three victories more throughout the season? How can send 43 goals in 25 appearances, with a former central defender as a manager?

Without a doubt, has led to frustration and before Christmas, a questioning of some supporters if McCarthy should continue. It has not changed its support in the boardroom and yesterday President Steve Morgan implied that the administrator would remain even if the club is dropped.

In fact we must remember the 52 year old took charge of a Championship club in decline, when he succeeded Glenn Hoddle five years ago and McCarthy is confident that the fall can be avoided: “any permutation is necessary to keep up, I’m still saying we can do it.”

“The fact that we are in the bottom three now, do not bother me.”

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