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“If one of the best players in Neil sold this summer betray supporters Celts, which have been hard for the last couple of years and it was still by the club.”

“Managers should do everything possible to keep this side together because as it is, it is only at the embryonic stage.”

“The majority of players are in their early 20s and or close its peak.” This is a team that can grow together and get better and better for the next few years.

“It should be looking to do instead is to sign one or two players during the summer to make the strongest team in what is now.”

“Dermot Desmond must deliver complete control over who enters and leaves to Neil Lennon”.

McGarvey 113 scored in five seasons with the Celtic and believes that Hooper, signed from Scunthorpe United for just £ 2.4 million last summer, will be coveted by the English clubs richer.

“Gary Hooper is my player of the year,” he said. “Since he returned on the side of injury last month has been unstoppable.”

“Ago objectives as well as their scoring, holds the ball well and makes intelligent races.”

“Demonstrated in his second goal on Sunday when initially he diverted to everything to come and beating the Rangers defenders to Emilio Izaguirre cross.”

“It has been exceptional and if Liverpool paid 35 million pounds of Newcastle by Andy Carroll, then, can what is Hooper worth?” Do could make Carroll what Hooper doing to Celtic? “I doubt it.”

The former Scotland forward is of the opinion that Lennon has proved to be wrong unbelievers who claimed that the Celtic job was not for a newbie.

“Are favourites to win three times now and what an achievement that would be to Neil in his first season as a head,” said. “However, it is too professional not to realize that nothing is gained yet.”

“Of course, he had his critics and he went through a time closer to the start of the season but that will be greater for now.”

“Has brought the factor feelgood return to Parkhead and I’d love to see him bring European football too because we’ve lost those great nights.”

Israeli midfielder Beram Kayal has not allowed eight points on the Rangers Celtic advantage to go to his head. He dismissed suggestions that the title is now Celtic lose, preferring to concentrate only visit this weekend to Motherwell.

«All my focus and concentration of the team in the game Sunday, isn’t in the game against the Rangers,» he said. “I am very happy because we won yesterday.” But the next game is on Sunday and not against the Rangers.

Kayal is suspended for the match at FIR Park, but the forced rest must ensure that it recovers from a hamstring strain in time for the Scottish Cup tie next week against the Rangers at Parkhead.

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