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Tottenham marked with Lennon about his comments and they were satisfied that there had to Redknapp, but fans who had doubted him.

The club also confirmed that Lennon had been of antibiotics since Sunday due to the illness and sore throat.

Lennon account was corroborated by Tottenham players immediately after match on Tuesday, but without hiding the unsettling impact of its withdrawal from end.

“When we were about to leave the Court, Lennon told the manager that he could not play and it wasn’t good,” goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes said. “It’s disturbing because it changes the tactics immediately.” So it was not easy for us. “There was much to think”.

Jenas explained the circumstances behind his unexpected inclusion. “I found out later as he could possibly find,” he said. “To be fair, he has been struggling for a few days and was really trying to dig.”

“I really wanted to play.” “He left for warming and simply didn’t feel that I could do to the team justice.”

Tottenham were immediately at the foot back without Lennon and he conceded a goal in the fourth minute Emmanuel Adebayor, with its possibilities and virtually ended by the subsequent dismissal of Peter Crouch, for two yellow card offences, after only 15 minutes.

According to Gomes, Crouch made a personal apology from part-time to his teammates Tottenham for their final challenges of Sergio Ramos and Marcelo.

Gomes said that “all the boys with cramps in the game because had to run too much,”. “We must be more careful.” It is a game away from home and maybe the referee is looking for.

“At half-time, Peter said sorry to everyone. I do not blame. “The time has disappeared and has to be tough to help us for the rest of the season.”

Tottenham, meanwhile, is unlikely to face disciplinary UEFA, after a section of his followers were accused of directing a racist song on Adebayor.

The song in question, which has been sung in Adebayor by Tottenham fans for several years, is unfair on members of the family of the Togo striker.

Asked if he thought that the fans of Tottenham had been racist towards him, Adebayor said: “great players that are best that I have tried to leave, but it is not easy at all.” We have done everything you can to show the red card to racism. But people are still in it, which is part of life. Samuel Eto’o ‘ or and great players have talked about it better than I, but not stopped.

“From Africa, today I’m just very happy, playing football is like a dream that becomes reality.” And I want to send a great support for all of Africa, what is happening in Libya, what is happening in Ivory Coast. I have a lot of family, a lot of friends. Racism is always there and we can do nothing to stop him.

It is not the first time that the behaviour of a minority of fans of Tottenham has brought shame on the club. Hampshire police even began an investigation in 2008 after allegations of abuse of Sol Campbell.

Adebayor also confirmed that he now wants to stay with Real Madrid, who have an option to buy him permanently from Manchester City at the end of the season for £ 15 million.

Director of sport Jorge Valdano Real, has suggested, however, Adebayor was only a signature short-term cover recent injuries Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema.

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