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Still, it was instructive to listen to the response of Lennon when he was told that Walter Smith stated that the game was not worth the penalty sailing if the latest manifestation of sectarian intolerance: even if only, as it is likely, the work of a lone: had reached the stage of a threat calculated for human life.

“It’s interesting.” I never thought walking, “said the Manager of Celtic.” “I knew a long ago that the package was feasible.” It was informed by the security forces, who have done a fantastic job in this so far.

“I had to change a little bit of my lifestyle is evident and reassure my family that things are going to be fine, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.” It is another chapter in what has been a tumultuous decade about football things.

“I never expected that coming here would be to create such hatred to me or to my person as he has done.” I don’t know what is what brings out the worst in people when it comes to myself.

“People have teir theories.” He was an aggressive player, blah blah – but now they have this theory. Obviously it is something more – and we all know what is.

“It has not prevented me what I have to do and my work here.” It has been the greatest privilege of my life. I am totally engaged with what I have.

“Age of 14 in England with a quiet lifestyle completely peaceful.” I could walk down the street without problems – is a good way to live his life.

“He obviously knew of a Celtic-Rangers thing here, but it was as deep as it runs and these people have not grown up with the problems.” I am best placed to understand what happened out there.

“If this was increasing even more then you should seriously reconsider my position.” I can do my job well, but a normal life is a little different.

“I have my strength to see my team and in training every day.” I have my fortress of supporters, who have been fantastic for me. “There is a great unity at the club, not only between the supporters and the club, but among all at the club.”

“You know what”? Then I had a death threat when Captain of North Ireland was the completely changed atmosphere there.

“There was a great program to eradicate sectarianism and if you now go to Windsor Park there is a good atmosphere in the ground.” Something positive came out of and we hope that in the long run something good can come of this.

“I would like to think that we have reached a turning point.”

As for the morning, it may not be exactly the same old, same at Ibrox, but Lennon still does not anticipate a radical change. “There could be some nice voices in the Earth, that would be fine but not I am in search of solidarity – I want to go there and win a football match”, said.

Finally as we began, was Shakespeare who asked: in the Scottish play, of course: “Which can be prudent, amazed, temperate and furious, fair and neutral, at a time?”

For the sake of all those associated with the Old Firm, the response must be – all fans of 52,000 in Ibrox respect supercharged more occasions.

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