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Four minutes in the second half, with Gary Hooper have scored his second goal of the night and fans visiting bellowing his hymns in celebration, a man suddenly Vault the barrier that separates fans of hearts behind the area technical Celtic of the canchay threw to Lennon.

He was almost immediately suffocated by delegates and the police, not before the indignant and presumably scared Lennon had swung a kick to it – and drag the tunnel with a poisonous look on his face. Be can be taken for granted that the Scottish Football Association will require to know how it was possible that a figure as Lennon, which has been subjected to threats and was the recipient of a mail bomb last month, not could depend on the host club to protect the technical area of such malevolence delivered personally.

This was the spot where Lennon was sent to the stand by the arbitrator of the previous night, Craig Thomson, during a 2-0 in November and the official defeat again is involved in a stew of controversy, first when he sent to David Obua for a ridiculously irrelevant crime andthen, when he was forced to red card Kris Commons when the Celtic midfielder the third Celtic goal late in the process.

Commons had warned to simulate only a minute before and, in a gesture understandable due to their euphoria and absurd in light of previous events, accused the followers Celts behind goal of Marian Kello, an action that he was destined to be reserved again. Accessory end of Celtic, he now loses at home to Motherwell on Sunday.

The compulsory arbitration dispute Celtic or their opponents reached the mark of half an hour when Obua and Charlie Mulgrew were a ball hanging on the edge of the pitch just outside of the technical areas. Ugandan hearts midfielder threw up his hands – always an action that involves an element of risk–one of whom had skimmed Mulgrew hair.

Kate Mulgrew made no complaint and seemed nothing more susbtantial would emerge from the collision of a Celtic throw-in. Instead, the visible face Assistant, Keith Sorbie, asked to speak with Thomson and when the referee emerged from the consultation was to wield the red card in Obua, whose evident disbelief was matched by the crowd and even by Lennonwhich held his head in his hands.

It would be fair to say that, if the action of Obua counts as a punch – is what Sorbie obviously said Thomson – then almost everyone in the crowd, women and children including, who fancy their chances in a round of three fights with the player. The own OBUA reaction was to laugh and embrace the official party that Thomson only had told him a hanging nerve.

Putting hands on the referee, obviously, it is likely that composite no-delito of Obua, unless Thomson omits this detail of its report, which should make interesting reading when you arrive at the offices of the Scottish Football Association today or tomorrow.

It was not, however, by the turn of events that exceeded the competition of four minutes in the second half. Hooper, who had opened the scoring for Celtic after only 11 minutes, doubled his account with an equally impeccable finish to the match effectively beyond the reach of hearts.

As players gathered in their respective halves of the field for the restart, the assault on Lennon was released from a few meters behind seats. You will forgive, I am confident that the absence of detailed accounts of game on a night that saw once more Scottish football do scary headlines of the most suitable firms for a zone of combat as the playing field.

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