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Fifa ethics committee suspends Mohamed Bin Hammam and Jack Warner but Sepp Blatter escapes punishmentWeb of intrigue: Sepp Blatter (Center) will not investigate but Jack Warner (left) and Mohamed bin Hammam (right) will be photo: EPA/PA

A complaint against the President of Fifa Joseph Blatter who knew about the payments to officials of the Union of the Caribbean football was rejected by the Ethics Committee.

Bin Hammam retired from the Fifa presidential election early today and Fifa Secretary general Jerome Valcke announced that the elections, with Blatter as the only candidate, will be held as scheduled on Wednesday.

Bin Hammam and Warner are accused of delivering packages of cash, each 40,000 dollars, to officials of the Caribbean of football and Petrus Damaseb, judge Namibian chairing the Ethics Committee, said that there was insufficient evidence against them to justify that it has been suspended until the full investigation.

He said in a press conference in Zurich: “Mr Bin Hammam is is temporarily prohibited to participate in any activity related to football until the Fifa Ethics Committee take a decision on this issue and the decision of Mr Jack Warner”.

Two officials of the Caribbean Football Union (UFC), Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester, who have allegedly given money have also been suspended until a full investigation.

Blatter was accused by Bin Hammam know about payments and not reports them, but said that the Ethics Committee that had warned Jack Warner to any such payments were not adequate.

Damaseb said: “The Committee took the view that the reporting obligation did not arise because at that time there had been no crime”.

Warner denied that any such conversation with Blatter had taken place.

Valcke said that the presidential election will take place on 1 June as planned with Blatter as the only candidate, but that the Congress of Fifa of 208 Nations may decide to change this if there was a majority of 75 percent.

Meanwhile, Valcke said in a report commissioned by the FA charges of former President Lord Triesman of dishonesty by four members of the Fifa, including Warner, had not found any significant evidence to support claims.

Triesman said the four had asked favors or cash to support the England 2018 bid but that evidence of other officers of England had not supported these claims.

“Are totally clean,” said Valcke.

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