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Gallagher spoke to Balotelli for the BBC’s Football Focus programme, saying: “Apparently [Roberto] Mancini said in his press conference that you need to mature, but we don’t think you need to mature.”

Balotelli, who has courted controversy with a series of outlandish incidents since joining City in August 2010, replied “If Mancini says something, he’s right.

“But I’m 21, so I’m still young. I think from last year, already I’m bigger [older] in my head.”

Balotelli has most recently incurred the wrath of the Manchester City by breaking a curfew ahead of City’s 2-0 win against Bolton on Saturday, being pictured outside a strip club in the early hours of Friday morning.

During his interview with Gallagher, Balotelli said he was happy in England but would never have moved from his native Italy if it had not been for Mancini.

“If Mancini wasn’t here, I never come here,” he said.

“But now that I’m here, I’m OK, I’m happy.”

Balotelli also claimed to be a “private” person, saying he could not understand the media’s interest in his everyday activitied.

“I don’t like when people talk about my business or my life,” he said.

“I’m really private. Maybe someone thinks I’m arrogant or something but it is just me.

“I don’t care, they can say what they want. They say a lot of stuff about me, but they’re just lying.

“If I go out in the street one guy gets a picture and they’ll say ‘Mario was there.’ Then they call the press… and the day after… ‘Mario was there’.

“That’s normal? Why, just because I walk in town like a normal guy?”

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