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“I’ve grown up for 40 odd years listening to comments that cannot be reproduced, while our fellow Europeans can.”

“I’ve enjoyed working with foreign players, helping to give them that little of the British mentality.”

“And I love working with British players, giving them the freedom and confidence to play football.”

“When you see that mixture that we have had, of European players and native, is a joy”.

Gylfi Sigurdsson is the newest recruit, on loan from Hoffenheim.

Rodgers was his manager at reading and the Icelandic said: “Brendan was a factor in me coming here.”

“As soon as I knew that there was an opportunity to come to Swansea, Brendan don’t convince me.”

“I told him immediately that he wanted to come and unite.”

“I knew Swansea were good on the ball, had confidence to pass, but when I joined was 10 times better than I expected.” “The way that playing football is fantastic.”

Rodgers is delighted. “I am very proud to see the relationship between what we do in training and in games.”

“My players are used to pass the ball, especially in situations tight and your trust in those areas is incredible.”

“It is the greatest coaching see it come off like that.” You defend our right to play that way, and we we are still getting results.

Sigurdsson was ahead 36-minute with a stooping header and added a second half an hour after exchanging passes with Wayne Routledge.

Curly Joe Allen shot in the 77th minute had crowned his most complete performance of the season.

“Yeah I think, especially given the recent history of Fulham,” Rodgers said.

“We had not won away until the new year, but is that four of the six for us away from home”.

They are underway for Europe, although Martin Jol knows how demanding it is.

Fulham season started with matches of classification of the Europa League last June, and its only improved form once they went out of the competition in December.

The Fulham Manager said: “Swansea are a little above us in the fair play League and hopefully will win.”

“Not see them qualify through a place in the League, but you never know.”

“I think that you deserve everything get you.” They are a revelation.

“But we were level with them before today and has scored more goals.”

“For us is only important to get to 40 points, and then, once reach 50 points, because if we do it will be better than anything that we have done in the last five or six seasons.”

Rodgers echoed his feelings.

“We know the task to remain at this level, where the money is, it’s amazing, but why we need to be a little different and our difference is the style in which we play”.

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