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“All the guys are driven by the news that has reached from, obviously, have picked up things.”

“We had people come yesterday, but the boys are well at the moment”.

The Tottenham manager added: “sometimes the best thing is to return the bike if they fall, and we need to do that, we have to put in place again.”

“We have to play tomorrow night and we are ready to play.”

“It will be a very hard game and we have to be ready to play, if not, then we will be in trouble with the Stoke, which is safe.”

“The players were fine when he trained yesterday morning, and I am sure that it will be today well and ready to play tomorrow”.

Redknapp, however, underscore managed the situation carefully.

And he added: “If there is someone who now feel that they are not in the right mood to play, then obviously wouldn’t play them.”"But if everyone is fine, it will take a team which is the best to try to win the game.”

Spurs recent drop in form, which began with a defeat of 5-2 to Arsenal, has allowed its North than London rivals to close in third place, now only a point separates the two clubs.

Chelsea are also within the distance of the Spurs, who at the same time sought to establish to challenge Manchester City and Manchester United for the title on strike.

Redknapp, however, remains confident that his squad can soon get back on track.

He said: “we have had a run of results is not good, but they have not been bad performances.”

“We’re not playing badly, but we need a result and I want to be in shape, tomorrow.”

“If we do not win, then things are really getting a little tight.” “It has closed and you have to make sure that I try to collect three points.”

Spurs are likely to face former striker Peter Crouch tomorrow. The England international joined the potters in a contract of £ 10million in late August.

Redknapp also had Crouch with him at Southampton and Portsmouth.

“Crouchy has made an impact insofar as it has been,” he said.

“He did a great job for us here and also for me when we were in Portsmouth.”

“I am sorry to lose him and it was not a case of wanting to get rid of Peter.” We we were taking Emmanuel Adebayor and I could not keep everyone.

“Peter was moved, but you would have any day, is a better player and a great guy as well.

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